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Graduation requirement

Graduation Requirements

1. Total required credits: 130 credits and above completed
  • a. General Education (Refer to the Curriculum table)
  • b. Major (Refer to the Curriculum table)
  • c. Elective Courses (Refer to the Curriculum table)
  • d. General Education
  • e. Graduation Thesis : Substituted with a graduation exhibition
  • f. Others : Satisfaction of the internal regulations of each department
Internal Regulations
1. Industrial Information Design
  • Graduation work should be submitted to graduation exhibitions.
  • Graduation work should pass the committee’s evaluation.
  • For the graduation work, Students should take courses for graduation work ; PRODUCT SYSTEM DESIGN, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, DIGITAL DESIGN PROJECT and THESIS PROJECT.
  • To complete the courses above and to be qualified for the exhibition entry, students should complete 16 courses or more from among the courses opened by Industrial Information Design until the semester just before the senior year, excluding the courses for freshman.
  • Double major, dual degree, minor, transfer (general/undergraduate) students are qualified by the decision of the professor in charge, according to the separate graduation credit requirements.
  • Students regarded to have some other special reasons should be qualified after the counseling with the academic adviser and the approval of the Committee of Graduation Work.
2. Fine Art
  • Graduation work should be submitted to graduation exhibitions., and should pass the evaluation of the faculty council of School of Art.
  • To be qualified for the exhibition entry, students should have completed or be completing 22 credits or more of Advanced Major courses of School of Art (students who are graduating in summer are exempted) - Minor students do not have graduation exhibition.
  • To the students who entered the college in the years from 2008.
  • When not completed, students should be tutored by the academic advisor.

* Common Requirements for Graduation

Mandatory completion of the second major - Students are required to complete advanced major, and double major accepted in case of the applicants.

Acquisition of the official grade for English(foreign language) ability (choose 1)

Common Requirements for Graduation
Score 660 530 197 70∼72 512 561 6.0

Completion of 5 courses lectured in English (native, foreign language)

Completion of TUTORIAL SEMINAR each semester (P/F)