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Program Description

Academic Goals

This department aims to foster leading designers and artists consisting of three majors, Industrial Design, Creative Convergence Design, and Art & Culture. Industrial Design major seeks to educate design professionals equipped with both practical expertise and theoretical depth in the areas of design related to product, visual, spatial design, where Art & Culture major is for holistic professional artists and art practitioners with theoretical and practical basis who differentiate themselves with general art administrators or culture managers.

Fields of Study

- Industrial Design

-Creative Convergence Design

- Art & Culture

Degree Requirements

  1. For master’s degree, students must complete a total of 30 credit hours.
  2. Industrial Design major students must obtain more than 6 credits among Design Project classes.
  3. Students who majored in different field must take pre-requisite course more than 12 credits among the subjects listed below. They may be advised and guided by the head of department or advising professors on this matter.
  4. For Master’s degree, students must obtain more than 24 credits in this department. Credits from other departments can be recognized only less than 6 credits when advising professor or the head of department agrees.

Department of Art and Design Prerequisite Courses

Industrial Design

Industrial Design
code title Credits Remarks
Refer to Korea University Bulletin Fundamental Design-2D 3  
Fundamental Design-3D 3  
Product Design Studio I 3  
Product Design Studio II 3  
Product Design Studio III 3  
Product Design Studio IV 3  
Product System Design 3  
Product Development 3  
Design and Ideation 3  
Design and Form 3  
3DComputer Graphics 3  
4DComputer Graphics 3  
Design Human Factors 3  
Interface Design 3  
Interaction Design 3  
Design Marketing 3  

Art & Culture

Art & Culture
code title Credits Remarks
Refer to Korea University Bulletin 2D Basic Formative Art 3  
3D Basic Formative Art 3  
Drawing 3  
Materials Advanced sculpture Studio 3  
Installation 3  
Basic Sculpture 3  
Form and Sculpture 3  
Modern Painting Technique 3  
2D Material Study 3  
Materials and Techniques of Painting 3  
New Media Art 3  
Paper & Fiber 3  
Materials and Techniques of Korean Painting 3  
Korean color painting 3  
Modern Korean Ink Painting 3  
Theory of Formative Art 3  

Comprehensive Examinations

  1. For Master’s degree, students must choose 3 subjects for qualifying examination. These subjects must be approved by advising professor and the head of department.
  2. Design Project in Industrial Design major and Project Seminar & Field Artist, Curatorship in Art & Culture major can not be chosen as a subject for the examination.
  3. Methods and schedule of the examination of each subject will be determined by the