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Cultural arts' energetic step toward national KU, global KU.

Above the history of 100 years, Korea University(KU) is up and coming as a global university entering the new millenium. Under KU's new system of advanced education aiming for the globalization of university structure, School of Art&Design has been reorganized and is preparing new changes to produce global leaders for cultural creators.

Formerly the Fine Arts Department which carried 4 majors of oriental-paining, western-painting, carving-and-modeling and design when it was separated from the college of education in 2000, Formative Arts Department has been reorganized into two majors (formative-arts major, industrial-information-design major) in 2007. Now in 2011, reformed School of Art&Design offers you a new curriculum and new educational environment to provide a promising basis for global art and design college.

Industrial & Information Design major seeks to provide advanced educational programs which encompass traditions and cutting edges, and cover various areas of industrial design including interiors, graphics, interface/interaction, entertainment etc. Formative-arts major promotes higher quality education by developing variety of subjects that reflect fluxing cultural environment while bringing in specialties from the western painting, carving-and-modeling, oriental-painting majors. Our school is also extending its connected majors such as fashion design, merchandising, environmental design, industrial design engineering, which will all meet the society needs, students' expectations, and future careers.

Today, as an effort to be the global Art&Design School of Korea University, not only are we exchanging with prominent art school in Korea, but also we are preparing and executing a bigger leap through exchanging with prominent colleges around the world and we are providing the best global campus that embodies the 21st century education mechanism.

History of the School of Art and Design

History of the School of Art and Design
2000 2011
  • Renamed as the School of Art and Design
  • Increased enrollment quota from 40 to 50
  • Moved to the newly-built Media Hall
  • Two specific majors: plastic arts and industrial-information design
  • Matriculating students later choose a major befitting their aptitude
  • Adjusted enrollment quota for the first-phase major
  • 10 students for oriental painting major, 8 for western painting, 8 for sculpture, and 14 for design
  • Student council in the Division of Fine Arts separated from the College of Education
  • Promoted as the Division of Fine Arts
1990 1996
  • Opened the Division of Fine Arts building
  • Added the art education major to the Graduate School of Education
  • Held the First Graduate Exhibition
  • Opened the Department of Industrial Design in the Graduate School of Industry
    (currently the Graduate School of Engineering and Technology)
1980 1989
  • First matriculation of drawings and design majors in the Department of Art Education
  • Obtained accreditation for the Department of Art Education as a fundamental department for the establishment of an art college in the university.