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Dean's Message


New Waves!

The Department of Art Education was established in 1989 in Korea University’s College of Education. After years of development, the Department went through a systematic reform to become the Division of Fine Arts, with four specific majors: oriental painting, western painting, sculpture, and industrial design. Later, in 2007, it was changed to the Division of Plastic Arts with two specific majors: plastic arts and industrial-information design. The School of Art and Design gained its current name in 2011.

At that time, the school gained both a new name and the foundation to build for the future. The school building was refurbished and the curriculum was restructured to accommodate the needs of talented students and prominent professors.

Today, the KU School of Art and Design is ready to be a top art school that creates new waves in Korea’s art and design world.


Prof. MinSung Kwon
Dean, School of Art and Design
Korea University