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Art & Culture

Art & Culture aims to foster leading artists. This major is for holistic professional artists and art practitioners with theoretical and practical basis who differentiate themselves with general art administrators or culture managers.


Major- <Art & Culture>
Art&culture major courses
Code Title Credits(hour)
AND576 Korean Color Painting2 2
AND581 Paper Art 2
AND582 Restoraton Studio1 2
AND584 Theory of Korean Art 2
AND585 Korean Art Seminar 2
AND586 Curatorship 2
AND587 Eastern Painting Theory 2
AND588 Study on Korean, Chinese, Japanese Artist 2
AND589 Study on Integrated Media 2
AND590 Korean Ink & Image 2
AND591 Art theory & Writing 2
AND631 Art Culture & Business 2
AND633 Art Property Conservation2 2
AND634 History of Material & Technique of Painting 2
AND636 Topics in Contemporary New Media 2
AND641 3D Installation 2
AND642 Culture Theory 2
AND643 Methods & Studies in Contemporary Context 2
AND644 Project Seminar & Field Artist 2
AND645 Contemporary Art & Human Science 2
AND652 Critics in International Biennale 2
AND656 Topics of Contemporary Art 2
AND657 Contemporary Art History 2
AND658 New Forms 2
AND659 Media Practie & Body Performance 2
AND660 Study on Contemporary Painting 2
AND661 Exhibition & Management 2


Major Common- <Art & Culture>
Art&Culture core courses
Code Title Credits(hour)
AND521 Korean Color Painting1 3
AND522 Korean Ink Painting 3
AND523 Materials & Technique Study1 3
AND524 Materials & Technique Study2 3
AND525 Contemporary Practice Studio1 3
AND526 Contemporary Practice Studio2 3
AND531 Material Use of Conceptual Process1 3
AND532 Material Use of Conceptual Process2 3
AND533 Art Property Conversation1 3
AND535 Art Works & Criticla Writing 3
AND536 Critics on Artwork Processing 3
AND537 Oriental Aesthetic & Art Spirit 3